In order to set your own personal device up for printing, you’ll need to ensure it’s connected to the college’s BYOD wireless first.

Once you’re connected to the college’s BYOD wireless, on your personal device go to and follow the instructions provided there.

For Windows, Apple Mac and Android devices you will need to install a Mobility Print app provided by PaperCut, our print management software provider – the instructions at the link above should direct you to the appropriate app for your type of device.

For Apple iPad or iPhone devices you will need to install a configuration profile – just follow the instructions provided at the link above.

Once you have got Mobility Print set up on your personal device, you can then use your applications’ normal “Print” option to print to FOLLOWME-BW (for black and white) or FOLLOWME-COL (for colour) in the same way you would print to your home printer.