The College subscribes to ParentPay, and this is the primary means used to pay for college related items such as trips, the College Services Fee, locker and equipment deposits, cashless catering and printing credits.

As a student, you aren’t able to create a ParentPay account by yourself. Instead, your parent or guardian needs to create an account, using details the college provides, and they will then be able to “Add a child” to get you onto the system.

Here you can download the instructions for your parent to sign up to ParentPay if they haven’t already done so:

My parent/carer can’t find/doesn’t have any activation codes

  • Please email to request for your activation codes to be resent. Please ensure you have provided the college with at least 1 next of kin email address.

What can I pay for on ParentPay?

  • Trips
  • Print credit
  • Dinner money
  • Textbooks/Revision Guides (if requested by department)
  • College Services Fee
  • Locker and equipment deposits
  • Replacement ID cards & lanyards

I have paid for something I no longer require, how do I ask for a refund?

I want to request a refund of monies on my ‘dinner money’ balance

  • You will need to contact Caterlink, our catering supplier. Please fill out the following form and send it to