When printing from a college computer, regardless of whether it is a PC or a Mac, you will need to choose the “File” menu in your application, and then choose “Print”.

You will then need to choose an appropriate print queue to print to.

You should choose one of the following:

Print queue nameType
FOLLOWME-BWBlack and white printouts
FOLLOWME-COLColour printouts

On Apple Macs where there is a copier in/near the classroom you can optionally choose to print directly to it:

Print queue nameType
C18-WFC879R-CLColour printouts on the C18 copier
C22-WFC879R-CLColour printouts on the C22 copier
C26-WFC879R-CLColour printouts on the C26 copier
F13-WFC879R-CLColour printouts on the copier outside F13
F17-WFC579R-CLA4 colour printouts on the copier in the F17 corridor

If you submit a document to one of the FOLLOWME queues, it is held until you swipe your Student ID card on a copier with a card reader and release the print job. You are not charged until your print job is released, and jobs that are not collected after 24 hours are automatically deleted.