Students on Art, Computing, D&T, Film, Graphic Design, Media or Photography courses can install the Adobe Creative Cloud software on their personal Windows or Mac laptop.

On your personal Windows or Mac laptop, log in to with your college email address and password, choosing a “Company or School Account”. You can then download and install the Creative Cloud App which will allow you to install Adobe software including but not limited to Photoshop, Illustrator or Premiere Pro.

Please note: the Adobe software is not compatible with “S mode” Windows computers, Chromebooks, or Raspberry Pi.

Before the end of your studies at the college, if you have saved any work you want to keep in the cloud storage area that Adobe provides, you will need to use the Adobe Graduation Portal to transfer this to a personal Adobe account. You must do this before the month of August in the calendar year in which you leave the college, as although your college account will remain active until October, the college must reclaim the Adobe license in August for redistribution to incoming students.