This is a list of all the locations of student-accessible copiers around the college.

All copiers can print jobs submitted from college PCs, college Macs, and BYOD devices that have been set up with Mobility Print.

A101 – Upper Crush
B110 – Upper B corridor, far end (A4 only)
C18 – Graphic Design classroom
C22 – Photography classroom
C26 – Photography classroom
C3 – Academic Support corridor
D106 – D block first floor
D12 – D block ground floor
Student Centre – near Student Supervisor office
F13 – outside Art classroom
F17 – Art corridor (A4 only)
F7 – Design and Technology classroom
G1 – G block ground floor, PE/Sports area
G9 – G block ground floor, English area
G101 – G block first floor, Criminology area
G111 – G block first floor, Business area
LRC – Outside Private Study